An amazing song created by MTP passenger Lindsea Wilbur!

Ribbons of iron like ‘merica’s veins
Gonna hop me on that new Millennial Train

Startin’ in the dawn of the foggy Bay
Ridin’ on the wings of Bombardier

Weaving through the valleys and fields of wheat
America by a train car seat

Rays of light across a desert line
Connecting rails, friendships wind

Rocky crags of Denver’s height
Our host Chuck’s town was quite a sight

UNF and S & R
For travel they set the bar

Through the corn and railroad rust
Omaha you were fine to us

Pittsburgh’s streets electrified
Old warehouse stood dignified

Sam the cook and John the sous
We bow our gracious tongues to you

Herding all the Millennial cats
Sonia you know where it’s at

Jessica helped to tell our tale
Suzie blogged without fail

Reid on Travel was a fool
The literary kind, an invaluable tool

Escha calm and dignified
Your words will be magnified

Matt my homie much respect
You helped our pioneers connect

And the owners of our Millennial Train
Steered us through America’s plain

The man behind the video lens
I’m so happy we are friends

Deep in our minds our mentors meld
The future’s leaders here we meld

To our captain, our leader strong
Thank you for this journey we’re on!

Oh is adventure in the bottom of your shoes?
Let’s find out cause we can’t lose

Got Millennials on your mind?
Come meet us at the station, we’ll have a good time!
Thank you to everyone for supporting this group of amazing millennials!
Recap: Mentor Session with Keith Bellows

Keith Bellows, editor-in-chief for National Geographic Travel, joined us last night for a mentor session. Take a look at this Storify report to see some of the great insight he shared with us about travel.

Young people have the most at stake and the most potential to be agents of change in our world
Listen to the WESA radio story
Meet Cameron Hardesty

Another day on the train, another profile of an awesome MTP passenger. Cameron Hardesty lives in Washington, D.C., but is originally from Dallas, Texas.

On this train journey, Cameron is photographing quotes from the best American poems at various landmarks and locations across the country. Her goal is to find a way to combine poetry and entrepreneurship. Not an easy task!

Cameron answered a few questions about her project. Read her answers below to learn more.

1. Tell us a little about your project
My project is designed to create a little crack in the ivory tower where so much beautiful new American poetry lives, and let some of it seep out in a way that’s consumable and interesting to people my age — via compelling images online.

2. Why did you choose to go on this journey?
I chose to join this journey because I’ve believed in it from the moment I heard MTP founder Patrick Dowd explain it, and I saw it as an opportunity to explore my passion in a way that benefits not just me, but the poetry community and, hopefully, lots of people who wouldn’t normally engage with a poem.

3. What do you hope to learn?
I hope to learn more about the poets in each city we visit, and to figure out how to combine poetry and entrepreneurship — not an easy task, but one that’s interested me since I studied poetry pretty seriously as an undergraduate.

Want to learn more about Cameron and her visual poetry project? Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr!

Meet Katelyn: What’s Your Barrier?

We are rolling through Ohio right now, which means it is time to highlight another MTP passenger! Tonight, meet Katelyn Bryant-Comstock, who is connecting with youth across the nation to discover their barriers to contraception and decide what we can do to break down these barriers.

Katelyn calls the projectWhat’s Your Barrier.”

Katelyn is currently an MPH student in Maternal and Child Health at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. She started her career at Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina, and then moved to learn about international family planning with WINGS in Guatemala. Before returning to school, Katelyn worked at the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA), where she met women from around the world who continue to inspire her today to keep up the good fight.

Get to know more about Katelyn and her project below!

1) Tell us about your project.
My project is talking to youth about their barriers to contraception and sexual health information. In the US we have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world and the STI rate among 15-24 year olds is the highest out of any age group in the country. So whats going on? The common belief is that youth have readily available access to sexual education, yet something is clearly missing given the statistics.

My project aims to begin figuring out what that missing link is. I’ll be talking with youth across America to hear their stories on how they have or haven’t been able to access sexual health information and their views on the state of youth sexual health.

2) What do you hope to learn during this journey?
For my project I hope to learn what youth are currently dealing with in regards to sexual health education. I hope to see what information they are and aren’t getting and how they use this knowledge.

3) Aside from your project, what are you passionate about?
Dancing and UNC basketball

We are super lucky to have Katelyn on board. Want to keep track of her journey? Follow her on Twitter and Tumblr!

The Millennial Trains Project is an incubator for the Millennial Generation on rails.
The paralysis around failure can prevent you from even trying something in the first place.
George Aye, Greater Good Studio founder
Introducing Travis Korte!

Today, as part of our MTP passenger profiles, we’re introducing Travis Korte, a research analyst at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) where he works on ITIF’s “Data Innovation” project.

After studying critical theory and graduating Summa Cum Laude from UC Berkeley, Travis helped launch the Science section of The Huffington Post and served as its associate editor. He also has worked on data science projects with HuffPost, Occupy Data NYC, DataKind and other organizations.

On this train journey, Travis is working to show how data, both big and small, is changing communities all across America. Read his answers to our questions to learn more about Travis and his project!

1.) Tell us a little about your project
My project, Data Innovation Across America, is an effort to ensure that Washington and technologists across the country are all party to the same conversations about the policy implications of data science technologies. This covers everything from giving government officials a practical, top-level view of topics like Hadoop and machine learning, to getting developers thinking about where their software might be heading in the long term.

2.) Why did you decide to take this journey?
I was inspired by my older, more illustrious colleague Matt Stepp (also on the train), and I wanted to challenge myself to have tough policy conversations with folks around the country.

3.) What do you hope to learn, either about your project or about yourself?
I’m hoping to hone my ability to work and talk and argue policy on my feet, and get comfortable being always ready in complex, dynamic environments like the cities we’re visiting.

4.) Outside of your project, what one or two things are you passionate about?
I eventually want to pursue graduate study in computational social science, and on the side I create tech-assisted writing projects.

Want to stay up-to-date on Travis’ project? Follow him on Twitter.


The change I want to see is …to ensure health for all.. a better, dignified and equal world for everyone. #NewFrontiers  (at logan share, chicago)